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U1 Vorgartenstraße: 5 Minuten zu Fuß
U1 Donauinsel: 6 Minuten zu Fuß
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Öffentlich bis Vorgartenstraße (U1)

Karlsplatz (U1) – 6 Minuten
Messe-Prater (U2/U1) – 7 Minuten
Wien Mitte (U4/U1) – 8 Minuten
Spittelau (U4/U1) – 11 Minuten
Westbahnhof (U3/U1) – 13 Minuten


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What we offer

What we offer

Gruppen Stunden

In our group classes, you never train alone. In groups of up to 15 people, you sweat under the guidance of our coaches in 60-minute sessions. Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels and are coordinated with each other. Individual needs are always addressed. If you have no experience with CrossFit or feel uncertain about any exercise, you can learn the basics in our Fundamentals classes. You can improve your weightlifting skills in our Olympic Weightlifting classes, and on Sundays, you and your muscles can relax in one of our Yoga sessions.



CrossFit is a comprehensive strength and conditioning training program based on functional, constantly varied exercises performed at high intensity. The exercises can be adjusted according to fitness level, age, or body weight, allowing everyone to participate in the training.


In our Fundamentals classes, we focus even more individually on each person and their specific movements. Our Fundamentals classes are designed for anyone looking to improve their technique and movement patterns. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Olympic Weightlifting

Elements of Olympic Weightlifting, such as the snatch and clean and jerk, are regularly included in CrossFit other group fitness classes. In our Olympic Weightlifting classes, we closely examine the correct technique and teach the necessary skills for both beginners and advanced lifters.

Mom & Family

With our Mom Classes, we offer group training for pregnant women (Pregnancy Fit) and group training for new moms (Postpartum Power). Through targeted movements and breathing techniques, we address the individual needs of each participant. This promotes strength, flexibility, and endurance while focusing on the well-being of both the expecting and new moms. Babies are warmly welcome.


Progress in gymnastics elements positively impacts almost all other exercises. Look forward to handstands and challenging exercises that strengthen your core.


Yoga is a gentle and effective way to get your body in shape, strengthen and stretch your muscles, or relieve your back from the strain of sitting. Our weekly yoga classes are the perfect complement to the intense group sessions. In our yoga classes, individual physical needs are addressed.

Open Gym

Training from early morning to late evening according to your individual training plan? This is possible in the Open Gym alongside our group classes, where you’ll find everything your heart desires. Additionally, take advantage of our outdoor terrace area or benefit from the fact that the Danube Island is right at our doorstep. There, you can not only get some fresh air or soak up the sun, but also safely and efficiently take your running performance to the next level (no crossing streets or running around the block).



Training and family can be combined with us. While you work up a sweat in one of our group classes or in the open gym area, your child also has fun moving and discovers a healthy and sporty lifestyle. Since children have an innate urge to move, which is often too rarely fulfilled in everyday life, our Kids classes focus on movement, play, and fun.


Online Classes

Train with our guided On-Demand classes whenever and wherever you want. With varied sessions, you can stay fit not only at home but also while traveling. In a 45-minute session, you are guided through a warm-up by two coaches. In a high-quality video, we go through each exercise in detail, preparing you optimally for the following workout. Each session can be done with your own body weight or with simple weights.


Personal Training

Individual training, tailored for you. Our coaching team addresses your needs and helps you achieve your goals quickly and safely, get back in shape after a break, or focus on a specific training aspect – personally and absolutely individually.



A healthy and balanced diet is a key foundation for optimal performance in training and helps you reach your goals faster. Our coaches continuously educate themselves to keep your nutrition on track and bring you to the best shape of your life. The COI Nutrition stands for optimizing and improving your diet, offering tips that are easy to integrate into your daily routine, and fostering a newfound joy in eating.


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    U1 Vorgartenstraße: 5 minutes on foot
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